Klassisk Vippe Extensions

The unique ellipse shape means better adherence to lash and more surface area. The split tip is exclusive to Nouvuea Lashes to give a softer more fluffy finish. Lighter lashes that give a thicker appearance without the additional weight, making them healthier for the natural lash. When this extension is placed on the natural lash there is more surface contact vs. a classic lash, and so a better bond is created. The cut away parts at the base also mean the lash is lighter & our version of flat lashes also has a split tip in the shape of a ‘Y’, which gives a softer finish and makes the lashes look more wispy.

Flat Lashes provide the thickness of a 0.15mm thickness lash but with the weight and softness of a 0.07mm lash, therefore if you use a 0.07 in classic lashes, then the 0.15 in flat lashes would be ideal; whereas if you use a 0.10 or 0.15 in classic, the 0.20 in flat lashes are ideal

The easy-peel design means lashes lift from the strip easily without damage or snapping. They're available in single lengths or multi-length packs. Designed to work with ProX5  or SVS Adhesive.