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The Lash Band Collection allows lashes to be applied with comfort and speed. The Lash Band is washable, reusable and can be adjusted to fit any client and comes with a selection of accessories for use during treatment.

The lash pad, designed to hold extensions during treatment, can be applied flat or curved depending on the preference of the technician. And for additional flexibility the unique Lash Band Clip is used to house adhesive if the technician prefers to use their adhesive from a different position on the Lash Band.

  • 1 x Nouveau Lashes Headband
  • 10 x Lash Pads
  • 1 x Curve Adaptor
  • 10 x Shallow Adhesive Cups
  • 1 x Nouveau Lashes Adhesive Clip

Attach the Headband around your clients head.

Apply lashes of your choice to the Lash pad.

Fit either flat into the headband or using the curvature, curve the lash pad according to your preference and slide into the headband tabs.

Add a microcup to the lash pad or to the clip, depending on preference.

 For use with lash extensions treatments.