Brow Dye

Our Brow Dyes have been developed to complement and work alongside all of the other products in the HD Brows treatment range. Our expert team tried and tested these Brow Dyes with a focus on ensuring they were blendable, long lasting and able to create beautiful colours. The shades can be blended together in any combination to create a colour that is perfect for each client.

Here are just a few of our Brow Dyes top features and benefits:

• Long lasting

• Highly pigmented

• Available in 5 colours that allow us to cater for a variety of hair colours/depths & tones

• Versatile and blendable

• Works quickly and effectively without harsh skin staining (meaning there is a lower risk of adverse reactions) and this also gives a neater finish

• Consistency of dye and developer allows for easy application and mixing


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